Mississippi Barbecue
Real American Barbecue

Stuffed Chicken

Gefülltes Hähnchenfilet

Ingredients (2-4 persons):

1/2 chicken fillet per person, salt, pepper, 1/2 slices cooked per fillet, 1 tbsp. herb cream cheese, 1 tbsp. small pineapple pieces, 100 g bacon slices, apple juice, agave syrup or maple syrup, Mississippi BBQ Original



Cut chicken fillets horizontally, open and press flat. Season with salt and pepper from both sides. Cover with cooked ham, coat with herb cream cheese and cover with pineapple pieces. Build up a net of bacon slices. Roll up the chicken fillet and wrap it in the bacon net. Cook at 120 – 150°C to 80°C core temperature. In the meantime, coat it at least once with a mixture of apple juice, agave syrup or maple syrup and Mississippi BBQ Sauce Original.